All About Boone

This page and post will be in memory of our Gollie Chow mix (Golden, Collie, Chow Mix) who just passed suddenly.  This is a celebration of his life, his ups, his downs, his loves, …his hates, and basically ALL about him.  In order to get an understanding for this dog you have to start at the beginning.


I used to volunteer at the local animal shelter in Macomb, Illinois.  I would go and socialize the cats, walk the dogs, etc.  I would always ask my then boyfriend, now husband Josh, to come along with me.  He never wanted to because he felt like I would just convince him we needed another animal (we already had a cat!).  One beautiful Saturday he caved and came with me.  We walked in and we walked through the kennels.  He stopped in front of one, a little light brown puppy with floppy ears and a white streak down his face.  His tongue was way to big for his mouth and hung down the side of his face.


Josh asked to walk the 3 month old puppy.  It was love at first walk.  Josh walked the puppy, up and down the road.  Josh said he was perfectly composed and perfect on his walk.  He came back and said, “I want him.”  I was totally shocked.  It was Josh who didn’t want to come because he thought I would bring home a dog!  I knew the application process as a volunteer and immediately put our name on the list.

Boone was at the shelter for 45 minutes before we adopted him.  His first few months were spent with a family who hoarded animals.  Boone was malnourished and come to find out, as soon as we got him in the car, he was severely infested with fleas!!!!  The next few hours I spent in the bathtub with little Boone, shampooing and combing, and picking, and shampooing… It was a pretty big mess.  All my hours paid off though and he never had another flea again.


Boone’s early years were spent in our college town in an apartment.  Boone was good at many things – being compliant, potty-training (only ever had one accident as a puppy), sitting, laying down, cuddling, and kissing.  He was not good at being bored or being left alone.  One time when we were at a championship swim meet and our friend was watching him, he chewed through his kennel.  Our friend watching opened the door to Josh’s room and he thought Josh had been robbed or a tornado hit the room.  He ate through his kennel, through an arm on the coffee table, through Josh’s PS2 controller, part of the actual PS2 controller, and through the “How to Train Your Good Dog” DVD and case.  He many other things but those I think were the highlights.  He also ate part of Josh’s roommate/BFF’s couch in college.  Even though we never did get to watch the “How to Train Your Good Dog” DVD, he turned out pretty darn great!


Things Boone loved as a puppy were playing with the laser pointer.  He loved running back and forth and back and forth trying to snag that silly light.  He also loved a ball he found at local dog park in Macomb.  We went and played with the other dogs but at the end of the day, Boone wouldn’t leave the park without the ball.  That ball would travel to all of the many places Boone had lived.  Boone also loved chasing our cat.  I would go crazy because I would feel bad the poor cat couldn’t touch the floor without getting chased.  Boone loved to walk, run (although when he was a puppy he was SO slow!!!  He couldn’t keep up with any other dogs!), and swim.  Boone was a champion swimmer!  He would see a lake and be gone!  He would swim around, paddling around for hours at a time!  He would splash water up in the air and then try and eat it.  He also enjoyed boat rides, didn’t matter what kind of boat.  One of his favorite places in the world, just like me, was my grandma’s lake house!  He was almost more free there than anywhere else!  He would swim, go boating, swim, chase squirrels, and then swim some more!

The biggest love of Boone’s life, even bigger than the love that dog had for his silly large, falling apart, smelly, blue ball was his love for Josh.  He loved Josh more than any dog could even love a human being.  There was a time in Boone’s life were he had to go live with my mom and then Josh’s mom.  Boone was well cared and loved for, but both of these main boys in my life were devastated.  It was incredible to see them reunited when Boone got to come back to live with us!  Boone was always happiest with Josh.

Boone got live in good ol’ Illinois, visit my dad and Julie in Missouri, travel via plane and car to Colorado, swim in the lakes of Wisconsin, and roam the wild lands of Alaska.  He got to travel through Canada and made it through the whole Alaskan Highway.  In Alaska he got to see the fall colors along the Denali Highway, Camp in Denali National Park, watch the Aurora Borealis in the white mountains, fish (swim) near Delta and Summit Lake, camp and play in the white mountains, and play around in Homer.  Along his travels he got to spend time and meet many new friends.

Another one of Boone’s most favorite places was Colorado!  He lived there for a brief time and got to go on many hikes and camping adventures.  Two main camping adventures with Josh and I.  The first time we went to this beautiful spot along a river.  The location was beautiful and Boone could roam without a leash!  Although I am setting up a pretty perfect camping trip, it was really more of an experience.  Josh brought his family’s “biggest” tent.  It was a one person pup tent.  I asked Josh, “Doesn’t your family have a larger tent?” His answer, “Oh no!  My dad doesn’t even use a tent!”  Josh, Boone, our bags, and I all somehow fit in the tent.  Poor Boone was SO squished!  Josh can also be a mossier, which can sometimes drive me crazy.  During that trip I also got frustrated with the time it was taking Josh to filter drinkable water and I ended up pitching my electric toothbrush across the river.  It was a very memorable trip!  The other trip Boone, Josh, and I traveled out a litter past Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were wanting to hike to Teller city, which was supposed to be a cool, abandoned, old city.  The city, or lack there of was a complete BUST, but we got to see about 6 moose!  We did have a larger tent – thank goodness!  Poor Boone ran and hiked SO much his little pads were rubbed raw.  We had to carry him the last 1/2 mile and the rest of the trip!  Poor guy!

Although Boone loved to go on adventures with his family and friends, he also loved lounging around and naps.  He would curl up and look like a little doggy croissant.  He loved to lay on top of Josh on the couch or really any spot he could weasel his way into.  Same went for the bed.  He would start on the floor and then as soon as I fell asleep, he would jump and sleep at my feet.  As soon as I would move my feet he would take more and more and more room!  When I would wake up I would be in the fetal position and he was laid out on his back.  When I would try and move my legs he would growl, and most of the time I would just let him sleep right where he was.

Boone liked to think he was protecting us from every vermin out there.  He reminded me so much of Doug from UP.  He had that large chest frame with the skinny legs, long tongue, and floppy ears.  He loved to chase squirrels.  I feel bad he was never able to get one but I know if he did get one I would have been sad the squirrel died!  Ha!  You can never win!  Animals that he did catch were a vole and a bird.  The vole he killed was in Illinois at my mom’s house.  He brought it up to the patio door and was SO proud.  I shrieked and didn’t know what to do.  I had him drop the vole, drink lots of water and then food to hope to get out that dead animal breath.  The poor dead vole laid on the cement patio for hours until Josh could get home.  Josh patted him on the head and I could tell Boone was happy his dad was proud of him.  The bird was also at my mom’s house.  My mom was talking to a neighbor and Boone came over with her.  He sniffed around and then all of a sudden leapt up into the air!  The neighbor screamed and cupped her hands to her mouth.  They had been watching these baby Robins grow up from eggs in their yard and Boone had just killed one!  Oops!  He pranced home and displayed the little bird proudly on the doorstep.

Boone also loved the SNOW!  Well… he loved it for about 3 minutes and then he would lay down and have to get the snow out of his paws.  He would pounce in the feet of snow in search of his favorite blue ball!

Boone also liked to dig.  He thought he was pretty good at it.  One of the worst things Boone ever did, which I know he didn’t understand why it was so bad, but he dug up my family dog who had died from my mom’s backyard.  The dog who he dug up, Belle, was a West Highland White Terrier and I swear my mom loved that dog more than she loved my brother and I.  Boone didn’t dig a whole a lot after that.


One of the biggest milestones in Boone’s life was getting his sister Nali.  He was uneasy with her at first but tolerated her quite well!  He tried to play it cool but he loved his sister. They were best friends, their own two dog pack!  The were sled dogs together and each other’s pillow.

Boone would never admit but he secretly loved dressing up and taking family photos!  (Well we can pretend he did!) He was so cute in all of them it was totally worth it!


Boone was also a HUGE highlight for when our families came up to visit or when we brought him to visit them!  He loved getting to spend time with his cousins and family!  All the love he received was out of control!  Our parents would even send him gifts almost as often or most often than us!

Boone had many animal friends as well!  He loved just about everyone – unless they took his big blue ball!

Boone was a very special dog who was able to do so many things in his life.  He didn’t seem to age a bit!  His crimpy ears that felt like velvet, his butt hair fur that would gather sticks as big as small trees, his long tongue with the black spots that he would like you for days until you told him to stop, so many licks.  He was the perfect dog anyone could ever ask for.  He was able to meet so many people and make so many people smile.

To all the times I sat on the ground with you and hugged you, all the pats and the kisses, to all the times I knew you would be the one running to the door to see me when I got home, to all the good morning treats and good morning song, to all the times I had to run from you after I put on lotion (you always knew when I had just applied!), to all the times you cuddled with me, all the times I cuddled you, all the tossing of the blue ball (no matter how gross it was), to all the times you ran away but always came back, all the times I would yell at you for barking, all the times you growled but never once did you snap or bite anyone, to all the trips and all the adventures, to his glowing red eye in most photos, all the times he barked and barked and barked, and all the fish he scared away by swimming.  Boone I will always love you with the bottom of my heart.


And to the Boone and Josh.  No one could ever love a dog more than Josh loves Boone.  From the very first time he saw him in that shelter they were always by each others side if they could be.  Boone loved him more than anything, except maybe his blue ball (just kidding, Josh was the love of Boone’s life).  All Josh had to do was look at him and his tail went crazy.  Boone would always fight with me to sit by Josh on the couch.  I feel so blessed I was able to witness their special bond and be a part of Boone’s life.


I know Boone you are up in Doggy Heaven chasing squirrels, swimming, and running after your ball!  I bet Heaven is so happy to have such a great greeter to everyone.  I am so glad Josh could be there for you when you slipped away and know that I did and will always love you!  I can’t wait to kiss you again and hold you in my arms!  Until then I hope you are able to be with the other amazing animals we have known and lost!  We LOVE you!  Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, and tail wags!



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  1. Marsha Davis says:

    Josh and Laura. I only met Boone a couple of times, but after reading through this post and looking at these amazing pictures, I feel as if I’ve known him forever. What an amazing life Boone had, thanks to the two of you. There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a pet. I am so sorry for your quick and sudden loss. Love you all!

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