Family in Florida

You wait all winter for summer!  The planning alone gets your though the cold days and the days you miss your family.  I had some great trips planned this summer and of course they didn’t disappoint.  The first was a trip to Fort Walton Beach Florida!  It was a hot trip full of tropical drinks, a white sandy beach, and family fun!

We took a walk up the pier to see the fisherman reel in some salt water fish and even saw a turtle.  From the same pier we were able to watch a fireworks show.

Fireworks off Pier (4 of 7) Watermark

It was a great time relaxing in the shaded beach chairs watching the waves crash down.  The waves were also fun to play in!  It is hard not to in the giant rafts Dad got on Amazon!

We went out and had some delicious dinners and drinks with some great friends!

We got eaten by a shark!  JK!  We love Sharks!  We went crabbing!  We drank in the dark and we survived some storms!  All of this in a week’s time.

I came home from Fort Walton maybe one shade darker.  I really don’t tan at all.  I had a great time and am so glad I got to spend that time with family!

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