5 Year Campiversary

We made it another year!  My dad would say 55 more years to go!  I hope we have at least that many!  It is amazing how fast a year can go.  In the last year we bought a house, seen Hannah graduate college (woohoo!!!), I semi got over my long standing fear of dentists, and Nali has gotten spayed (I know… finally!).   Many other things have occurred but those are some of the bigger ones.  Every year we do a Denali National Park Campiversary and this year was no different.  We stayed at Riley Creek Campground for 3 nights and biked the park road 3 days enjoying the outdoors!


You would think only living 2 hours from the national park and pretty much car camping (we didn’t have to hike to our tent site) that we would have packed the essentials.  This was not the case.  We brought the bikes, tent, and sleeping bags, but left all ways to make fire except for a splint, food, my rain jacket, my any jacket, and pillows.  On the plus side I did get a lesson on how to make fire from a flint!  I have learned to always bring another way to start a fire.  Although using the flint was fun to experience once, we started getting pretty hungry.

The next evening, to celebrate on our actual anniversary date, we ate at 49 State Brewery at the fire pit high tables.  It kept us warm and it made us feel we were right around a campsite.  They had delicious crab stuffed poppers and baked soft pretzels with beer cheese.

During the days we spent on the buses traveling out to Toklat and then biking around to take in some exercise and great wilderness.  We hung out with the Dall sheep most of the days!

We did get to see a bear or two and other great animals, including a little Pika (the smallest member of the rabbit family).  The hares seem to be increasing in numbers, which is good!

All in all it was a great trip!  It is crazy how fast time can go.  Five years already?  And to think we met almost 10 years ago!  A whole decade!  We have had some great times and have been very fortunate to get to experience such a beautiful state.  I can’t wait for the next 5!  See you again soon Denali!

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