Lately on the Photo Front…

I haven’t posted in awhile so I will provide an update on what I have been working on!  I was able to spend some time with some great families!  It is so fun to have the opportunity to photograph families and babies over the course of time!  They grow so quickly!

Baby Ruby celebrated her 1st Birthday!  So adorable!  She seems to love snuggling her puppy and giving kisses to her parents!

It was a beautiful day at creamers field photographing the happy family and I can’t wait to photograph them again!

Another fun family I get to photograph is baby Ainsley!

This goofy girl also turned one recently!  She was all giggles and laughs during the shoot.  She was slow to take down the cake at first but she got pretty into it!

This happy family has their hands full with this adorable kid walking around!  Ainsley seems to love to eat and has quite an arm for a baby!

I love getting to know families and getting to capture some precious moments!  In my spare time I photograph real estate properties.  I enjoy traveling around and meeting new people – even if most of them are moving away!


Whether it is new families or new listings I am so glad I get to go out and keep my camera busy!

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