2016 Women’s Affair – Prep and Show

It is amazing how much work and organization goes into a show! Although prep should probably start more than 2 weeks out!!! We made some new frames for the show.

The frame turned out great but the six that were supposed to be made turned into two…

I spent one whole weekend before organizing prints and matting photos! It was a lot of pick up photo mat, place photo in photo mat, stick double sided circle stickies to each side of the photo, place photo mat backing onto matt, stick photo mat in bag, place business card in bag, seal bag.  I think I did that process almost 250 times.

After photos were matted and very few frames were made, it was time to set up. I had the best helpers!

Of course I was the least helpful setting up!

It took almost 3 hours but I finally got the metals and frames up on the boards and all the mats on the tables!



It was a crazy, hectic three days but the show went pretty well! I got to meet a lot of people, share my work, and share stories! I want to thank Josh! I couldn’t have done it without him!  I also want to thank Hilary and Mollie for their help setting up and moving me into my space!  I also want to thank everyone who came by to talk, say hi, buy, and look at my booth! 😃 After a long weekend it was great this next weekend to cuddle with my furry family and relax! Another successful show under my belt!

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