Spring Break Vegas Getaway!

I rarely seem to take any time to vacation out of Alaska these past few years so when I was asked to meet up with my Dad in Vegas I was ready for some fun in the sun!  I had a perfect date for the long weekend getaway!


We met up with my dad and Julie after a 3 hour nap in the Las Vegas Airport!  Well I only slept for half that time after I woke up to some older man watching us.  Creepy!  Our hotel was beautiful!  It was my first time seeing all the lights and buildings!  SO MANY PEOPLE!  It made me appreciate Alaska and the lack of traffic.

We ate so many delicious meals!  From Brunch’s to 2am snacks we never went hungry!

We saw Blue Man Group – Awesome show!  I didn’t really know what to expect but it was definitely entertaining!  I have never seen so much paper!

We relaxed by the beautiful Bellagio pool!  (Yes Hilary and I unplanned bought the same patterned swim suit from Victoria’s Secret!)

We walked and saw lots of the hotels (or rather like cities) of Vegas.  We found some fun statues to pose with!  AND of course we went shopping!  (No I didn’t buy the pirate hat…)

We had all great nights and fabulous times in Vegas!  Randomly enough my Aunt and Uncle were actually in Vegas at the same time!!!!  It was great seeing and getting to spend time with them!

Thank you Dad & Julie for showing us that crazy but fun city and thank you Hilary for coming and being my partner in crime!  You didn’t get arrested this time but we are still young!  🙂

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