Ice Break Post!

It had been awhile! Between Josh’s swim meets and my work we have been super busy! A few things I have done recently, and I recommend, are visiting the ice park and ice fishing! Although with this crazy warmish weather the window of opportunity to enjoy these activities is dwindling!

There is great fun for all at the ice park! I went before the single and double block finished but the different ice sculptures you could sit on, go in, and slide on were super fun!  Love these goof balls!

I think I loved the bear the most!


The shoe and camel were pretty spectacular as well!

After a a fun filled evening at the ice park we got ready for an ice fishing adventure at Birch Lake! Another fun friend came to fish with us and it was her first time! We have an ice but but we rented a little cabin with a wood stove! Turned out to be a good decision because there was some intense wind!


We we are and drank and watched little guppies nibble on our bait. We tried just about every bait including sour patch kids gum… Gross!  We could have stayed for days with all the food we brought!  We used lanterns and head lamps to see! The wind kept blowing it open and the door wouldn’t latch so josh fixed it!

Right as we were thinking of going I did pull a larger fish in! We still don’t really know what it was but it was fun to actually pull one in!   Another successful fishing trip and adventure in the Last Frontier!



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