Cheers to Three Years!

I finally broke down and started a blog.  You can find the latest trip photos and stories right here!  I have lived in Alaska now for three years and have loved just about every minute of it.  I have had some amazing opportunities to travel around the state and would love to share that with others.  For instance, our trip to Barrow, Alaska. Barrow is the highest point in North America.

Barrow October 4 2014 18Barrow October 4 2014 10 Crop Watermark

I was fortunate to see whales being brought in which was an incredible process to observe.

Barrow October 5 2014 9

I have been to Seward, in the sunshine, sprinkling rain, pouring rain, did I mention rain?  With abundant wildlife and delicious pretzels and beer, a little rain never spoiled trips to Seward.

2015-06-28 17.45.102015-06-29 08.38.35 HDR-2

I have been to Homer where birds, fish (I did not say how big of fish…), and mudflats are common.

Bald Eagle Homer June 30 2015 22 LOW Watermark2015-08-07 05.55.15-12015-08-07 12.30.22

The State Capital: Juneau!  I have now been there twice!  Can anyone guess the weather?  You were right if you guessed rain!  Both times were beautiful and filled with fun!  It was Juneau where I finally got a breaching whale!  It only took me 4 port cities and 7 wildlife tours!  (Way worth it!)  We also got to try out some delicious brew from the Alaskan Brewing Company!

2015-07-12 12.01.50 2015-07-12 16.41.12

I have been to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park three years in a row.  I can take camping with Brown Bears off my bucket list, although I hope to repeat this bucket list item many, many times.  It is unlike any adventure you can have and each year is a new adventure.  This past trip may have had more birds than bears… but I am not complaining!

Brown Bear Katmai National Park July 2 2015 41 Crop LOW Watermark

I have been to Denali over 60 times since my husband and my honeymoon in May 2011.  We now know many of the bus drivers on a first name basis.  We have arrived at the Wilderness Access Center (WAC) with 90 minutes to spare and with 30 seconds to spare.  We once stripped down and waded through knee deep water to get back to our car from camping just to get to our Denali Shuttle bus.  We have camped for too many nights to count.  Sometimes we camp next to the car, sometimes in the car (February 2014 – it was cold…), and sometimes without sleeping bags (oops, sorry Josh!).

Denali Tent August 2014 1 Watermark Tent and Milky Way March 1 2014 WatermarkDenali August 30 2014 Panarama Edit Watermark

Of all those times, only once did I have to send out park service to help locate Josh!  Denali National Park & Preserve has rewarded me immensely.  The park has allowed me to see such incredible wildlife, scenery, plants, flowers, colors, and landforms.  There is something about Denali National Park that mesmerizes me.  People ask me why I go back to the same park over and over and ride the shuttle buses over and over again.  The simple answer is why not?  Every trip is different.  All I know is I am literally counting the days until I get to return to Denali National Park.

Laura Lyn Photography LynxDenal September 14 2014 Panarama 8 WatermarkMoose_-8 Watermark2015-05-23 16.55.50-1

I have had two polar opposite trips to Kennecott Alaska.  One of them being pounding rain, which turned into sleet, while walking all day in crampons on a glacier.  The other trip I got severely sunburned while using crampons on the same glacier.  Oh how weather can change the experience.  Although anyone can hike 8+ hours on a glacier on a sunny, beautiful day!

Glacier Cave 6 WatermarkGlacier June 29 2014 5 thru 10 Panarama-3 WatermarkGlacier Hike 7 8 Panorama Watermark

Valdez was an interesting and scenic town.  I would love to go back to Valdez in mid July or September.  We had a unique fishing charter and wildlife charter out of Valdez.  We caught halibut, cod, had beautiful non rainy days, and campfire antics, so I would say it was overall a success.  Definitely a charter though that I will not forget.

Valdez Ocean 2 2 WatermarkScenery Panorama Valdez Pass 1 Watermark

the eclectic and fun town of Talkeetna is also a travel must.  We kissed a moose and visited the Denali Brewing Company.  definitely can’t go wrong there.

2015-06-25 19.34.22 2015-06-26 11.21.37

And then there is Chicken Alaska.  Chicken Stock comes once a year for one weekend in June.  I have to say with how the last two years went I am glad that is the case!  Lots of fun but it can wear a girl out with all the music, dancing, people watching, and hoodoo beer drinking.  Not to mention that I kissed a Unicorn in Chicken (…and liked it?)

2015-06-12 19.12.19-1IMG_1345

Overall Alaska has treated me very well the last three years.   Most days I do not have as exciting of a life as shown and described above.  Most days I am hanging with these crazies!

2015-05-31 17.35.51 2015-03-17 15.31.53

I also have an amazing family who comes to visit more frequently than most AND amazing friends who make the worse and best days better!  So cheers to 3 years!  I hope the future holds more smiles, more laughs, more cheers, more beers, more bears, MORE adventures!  Want to see more?  Check out my Facebook page (and LIKE me!)


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